Gangnam-Gu Multicultutral Family Support Center Homepage Bulletin

1. Gangnam-gu Multicultural Family Support Center Purpose & Operation direction
○ Business purpose
- The multicultural families in Gangnam-gu support family life through korean education, family and children's education, counseling, translating/ interpreting and provided information, empowerment by providing comprehensive services, support early social adaptation and self-reliance, and to promote social economic.
○ Direction
- All comprehensive projects target multicultural families
- Regional integration and family services.
- Life cycle by promoting children's of multicultural families (multicultural children's language development etc.)
- Gangnam-gu multicultural conventions relevant agencies established by the network expansion

2. Target and way to apply
○ Target: multicultural families living in Gangnam-gu· married immigrant woman, mid-entry children, foreign student, foreign couple etc.
○ Way to apply: Apply by phone and visit personally (submitted documents: resident registration-copy of immigrant that listed on, family relation certificate, copy of alien registration card, photo's proof 1 pc.
○ recruitment period: In this year 2013.

3. Major project guide
Division Name of the project content
education project Korean Language Education korean language 1-1st level, 1-2nd level, 2nd level,3rd level, 4th level Pre-test and post-test levels through the Korean Education Support
Korean educational visiting service 1:1 visiting teachingPersonalized korean education support

Family Integrated

Family education Father education, parenting education and family support through education empowerment family
spouse‧ couples education Educational support for spouses and couples
parent's children education Father education and child-rearing challenges and capacity-building support resolution
understanding multicultural education Adapting and support activities of Korean society
parent's education visiting service 1:1 visiting teaching
child life education visiting service Parent's and children learning support
Related employment and training support 2nd class nail art with certification To improve employ ability nail art class 2 with certification
driver's license education Married Immigrant targetDriver's license education support
professional education
related employment support
Barista training, professional education, such as job success linked package
family counseling
individual and family counseling Multicultural families and immigrant women target counseling support
couples group counseling Multicultural families couples support 4~5 families group counseling program
multicultural families sharing volunteers multicultural families sharing volunteers and activities Talent contribution, Korean education, child care, cultural events support multicultural families.
sharing volunteers basic literacy education Improve cultural sensitivity in volunteering in progress training
multicultural families often gatherings married immigrant woman & spouse gatherings Immigrant women and their spouses group gathering operating
Public relations &Information
Promote multicultural awareness and community improvement Gangnam-gu Multicultural Family Festival Multicultural festival for Multicultural families and local residents in Gangnam-gu
Multicultural alerts Costume experience, global citizenship education, multicultural experience, including booths operating
promoting community Online and offline, such as through the media center to promote progress
community network reinforcement Strengthen community networks Relevant organizations and cultural institutions network in progress
Specialization project Multicultural children Language development support class child language development, individual training and dispatch training, parent counseling progress
Language development support project ‘Play tok tok’
mother(father)'s language gifted class Gifted language chinese class‘Chinese Ni How’ Chinese language and culture education for pre-school and grade school
Translation/Interpreting service for migrant women Translating/Interpreting projectChinese Specializing in Chinese translation and interpretation support
Gangnam-guspecialized project  Gangnam-gu and POSCO together double weddingfor immigrant woman7 Color Romance Through economic situation the multicultural families that can not have a mass wedding will give a free group wedding and parent's invitation, family tour in progress
KB Kookmin card together for‘Dream Day Camp’ KBkookmin card, 사회복지공동모금회, Multicultural Child Welfare Foundation work experience program
Seoul City Parent's happy community Multicultural families in school․ local resident families student parent's integrated meeting.
Parent's happy community Spare parent's happy community Elementary•Middle•High school entrance preparing training for multicultural parent's student